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PCI – Portland Culinary Institute

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The residents and city of Portalnd embrace the community and activites of the cycle of food; from the farm, to the table, and returning the raw materials back to the land. The Portland Culinary Institue serves ast both a nucleus for collaboration and exploration within the local food cycle, and as a conduit to facilitate education about farming, preparation, consumption, and perpetuation of the culinary arts. The PCI serves not only its students and faculty, but also the public, whom are invited into this process via a covered street corner plaza served by custom moble vendor carts, a Portland culinary trademark; and an exhibition kitchen and restaurant.
The school’s educational facilities, teaching kitchens, classrooms, offices, apartments, and gardens take shape on the second and third floors as the building recedes from public to private. A final dynamic gesture is made with a cantilevered auditorium extending over the sidewalk and opening toward the adjacent park. The building’s open, community centric design aims to inspire experimentation and exploration by exposing its students to Portland’s eager and vibrant food scene.


building, installation
  • Open Source
  • Cocoon
  • Hydrogeographies – Resource Extraction Geographies
  • TetraGrid
  • Spomenik
  • 6th Floor
  • InterWeave
  • PCI – Portland Culinary Institute
  • Music Box SLC
  • EVAirport
  • Webster Lamp
  • Facade Mod