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Music Box SLC

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“The best jazz is two-thirds satisfaction, and one-third surprise.” -Chuck Israels
The SLC Music Box is a center for jazz music and culture. In both building form and programming, the Music Box capitalizes on the inherit dichotomy between foundation and improvization, between tradition and progression, in jazz music as a catalyst for design. Cubic volumes house discrete and established program elements such as a performance hall, recording studio, and a street level cafe with stage. In contrast, interstiatial spaces reflect the improvisational aspects of the music with their loose, open, interconnected, and reconfigurable character; allowing for chance meetings, informal performances, and free circulation stringing the programmed areas together.

Lisa Benham Studio, University of Utah


  • Open Source
  • Cocoon
  • Hydrogeographies – Resource Extraction Geographies
  • TetraGrid
  • Spomenik
  • 6th Floor
  • InterWeave
  • PCI – Portland Culinary Institute
  • Music Box SLC
  • EVAirport
  • Webster Lamp
  • Facade Mod