Shawn Komlos

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Team project at Plastik Banana Design Werkshop
Involvement: design, modeling, scripting, prototyping, fabrication, assembly, installation

LTNBLT is one component in a series of design-build installations for Jou Jou, a high end toy store inside The Grand Hotel in Salt Lake City. The three custom units were each constructed, panelized, internally lit, and suspended overhead as visual focal points in the whimsical space.
Intimate collaboration with the creative branding firm StruckAxiom, the store’s designers, was required to ensure that their vision was translated to the finished constructions. An iterative and parametircally defined approach to design allowed for effective and efficient explorations of variations in both form and construction methods. The same rigorously defined digital model allowed for the direct output of fabrication drawings and files. The steel-tube spine was cut, drilled, tapped, and welded on a four axis lathe mill, and the surface panels were profile routed and engraved. Despite high tolerances in fabrication of the parts, adjustability was integrated in the design through the swiveling panel mounts and extendable support rod lengths. A combination of parametric design, careful and accurate fabrication, and flexible assembly details led to a succesful final result.


installation, object
  • Open Source
  • Cocoon
  • Hydrogeographies – Resource Extraction Geographies
  • TetraGrid
  • Spomenik
  • 6th Floor
  • InterWeave
  • PCI – Portland Culinary Institute
  • Music Box SLC
  • EVAirport
  • Webster Lamp
  • Facade Mod