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Team project at Plastik Banana Design Werkshop
Involvement: design, modeling, scripting, presentation

InterWeave is a proposal for a public art construction at a new county library facility in Davis, Utah.  The concept for the InterWeave Column sculpture began with the examination of how information is shared between multiple levels of physicality, ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic. On the microscopic or individual level, the act of sharing information was reduced to the connections that exist between the networks of synapses within the brain. At the macroscopic scale, the network of county and city public libraries embodies the collection of ideas and information to be shared, exchanged, and augmented by the people of the community it serves.

The shape of the new Davis County logo and the message it symbolizes were abstracted to form the interwoven structure of columns, similar to a web of connected synapses. To emphasize the connectivity of Davis County and Farmington within this local web of information and dispersal, columns were placed based up the geographical location of the public libraries along the Wasatch Front.

Light bathes the anodized aluminum columns, creating a sense of energy and lightness while representing the small electrical pulses which communicate these bits of information between the synapses. The lit sculpture will also serve as a beacon for the library, allowing it to have a special identity while remaining integrated into the project as a whole. Programable LED lighting allows for a constant use and color control of the semi-reflective sculpture, which can be easily changed for special events as well as environmental or seasonal changes.


installation, object
  • Open Source
  • Cocoon
  • Hydrogeographies – Resource Extraction Geographies
  • TetraGrid
  • Spomenik
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  • InterWeave
  • PCI – Portland Culinary Institute
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