Shawn Komlos

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Cocoon is a process for iterative fabrication of composite lattice structures. The lightweight and luminous exoskeletons can be hung individually, linearly, or in an aggregated overhead canopy. A fabrication process of locating points around a central axis, linking those points with a guide rail, overlaying a series of geodetic lattice layers, and fusing the composite layers together has implications beyond lighting installations to  non-standard column and vault construction. The jig used in construction is fully reusable, and capable of achieving a wide range of variety in size, form, and density. Regardless of variations, the system retains the structural logic of the composite lattice and the aesthetic unity of a family of similar, yet unique members.

Synthetic Tectonics – Jason Kelly Johnson

Fall 2012

California College of the Arts


installation, object, research
  • Open Source
  • Cocoon
  • Hydrogeographies – Resource Extraction Geographies
  • TetraGrid
  • Spomenik
  • 6th Floor
  • InterWeave
  • PCI – Portland Culinary Institute
  • Music Box SLC
  • EVAirport
  • Webster Lamp
  • Facade Mod